CS Record of Achievements and Work in Progress

One year on and Connected Scotland partners are keen to offer a brief summary of the initiative’s achievements and ongoing work since its launch in June 2014.  All of the work undertaken and proposed to date is based on the ambitions shared by all partners in support of the development of international opportunities for Scotland’s Higher Education sector.

Promote awareness of Scottish HEIs internationally through production and promotion of materials

  • The Connected Scotland website was developed in line with the launch of the initiative in June 2014
  • The host for a variety of reports and promotional materials from CS partners including Study in Scotland branded work
  • Wider use of the Study in Scotland (SiS) brand by HE members since its development in 2012 (e.g. frequent requests from HEIs for the presentation template, SiS logo and the message guidelines)
  • Messaging around Scottish HE is more coordinated and consistent and the use of messages on different platforms by CS partners has increased i.e. Education UK and Scotland.org

Ensure alignment of the Connected Scotland approach with Scottish Government and other partners’ policies and priorities

  • These include  Scotland’s Economic Strategy and the Scottish Government’s International Framework in March 2015
  • Initial discussions on Alumni engagement
  • Input into the development of innovation and investment hubs
  • Coordination of inward visits including FAUBAI inward mission (Sept 2014), CONFAP-ESRC Newton delegation to the UK (April 2015), BC’s Pakistan visit of the High Commissioner (May 2015), RSE’s China delegation (summer 2015)
  • Optimising opportunities around ministerial overseas visits

Development of evidence base for identifying priority markets

  • Jointly commissioned market analysis to support process for determining number of priority countries including Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico and/or Colombia

Development of engagement strategies for priority markets


(undertaken before partnership was formally launched as a “proof of concept” pilot to test and refine the proposed CS approach)

  • in September 2013 a 5-day  scoping visit with 12 member institutions supported by British Council, SDI and US colleagues
  • New intelligence developed around market opportunities for both Scotland and Indonesia (The mission was extremely beneficial to us gaining access to key influencers, such as the DIKTI.” Scottish HEI)
  • Increase in institutional partnership links assessed by a survey conducted in March 2014 (8 out of 11 HEIs are in dialogue with at least one Indonesian institution and 4 have formed new partnerships)


  • Jointly commissioned market analysis to develop an engagement strategy and identify opportunities for the sector
  • Host for Newton Fund workshop and initial dialogue with Brazilian partners to develop a framework agreement between reciprocal funding bodies
  • Joint development and organisation for delivering academic workshops in Brazil in September 2015 to increase research collaboration between both countries within the area of Environmental Management


  • Market research: scope for the market research is developed and agreed; research is to be presented to the sector in the format of a workshop(s) to help members engage with the material and help develop a set of recommendations for how Connected Scotland can support engagement with China
  • Promotion of the sector: education is to be included in Scottish Enterprise’s ‘Premium Scotland’ programme a cross-sectoral project to enable an overt “positioning” of Scotland and its premium produce/ services
  • Targeted inward delegation: joint input into the RSE’s programme for an inward delegation from China in summer 2015 as a follow-up from a China visit the RSE undertook in 2014 with some of the Innovation Centres.
  • Sharing best practice: best practice case studies are to be gathered and a programme of workshops for sharing best practice is to be delivered over the next 12 months:

Workshop 1: Articulation Policy

The legislative and policy environment

Sustainable partnerships (case studies)


Workshop 2: Cultural Training

Chinese culture

Communication and establishing relationships

The business environment in China


Workshop 3: Relational Governance

What does good relational governance look like in the Chinese context?

Building trust and confidence

Formal governance: contractual agreements and financial commitments



  •  Met Malaysian delegates during British Council’s Going Global conference in May 2015 as an opportunity to initiate first contact with key contacts