British Council Scotland

British Council Scotland brings the best of international education and arts to Scotland and helps Scottish students, teachers, artists, and others connect professionally with people around the world. We enrich people’s lives in Scotland and abroad by catalysing this interplay of ideas, skills and experiences.

In a globalised world, we believe that Scotland must be a confident outward-looking nation and so we promote Scotland’s cultural and educational strengths abroad. Building trust between the people of Scotland and other countries helps create trade and business links. By broadening people’s horizons and making Scots aware of other countries and cultures, we help boost Scotland’s economic prosperity.

Since its foundation in 1946, British Council Scotland has enabled thousands of young people from Scotland to study and work abroad, helped schools and higher education institutions to create partnerships in other countries, and supported teachers and academics’ professional development through international experience. We have also brought the brightest students from other countries to work, study and teach in Scotland, broadening the cultural horizons of our young people.

Today, British Council Scotland is highly valued for its global reach. Through offices in 110 countries, we pull together overseas knowledge, experience and perspectives, catalyse relationships, and comment on issues affecting Scotland’s profile and standing in the world. Our overseas offices are also an invaluable source of support and assistance to visiting cultural and educational delegates from Scotland. This international network of expertise, alongside a staffing commitment for projects and a shared post with Universities Scotland forms British Council Scotland’s contribution to Connected Scotland.